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"Jonathan did something for me that no therapist has ever done. And every time I left the treatment I felt so much better and younger and I will be forever thankful."                                                                                                                                                                                              - Felix P. 


"Madison is one of the highest quality physical therapy centers in New York, with attentive, well-trained physical therapists. I have sent thousands of patients over the years and will continue to do so.”


                                                                        - Alexander Lee, MD, Physiatrist

                                                                                    Mt. Sinai Medical Center


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Specializing in Pain, Injury and Mobility Rehabilitation


-Injury Recovery

-Pain Control

-Core, General and Site Specific Strengthening

-Range of Motion and Flexibility 

-Cardiovascular Endurance

-Balance and Stability

-Inflammation Reduction

-Functional Movement Screen and Restoration 

-Reconditioning for Orthopedic, Neurologic and Rheumatologic Conditions

-Sports Specific Conditioning

Our Skilled Physical Therapists


 Our physical therapy teams located in Bay Ridge and Sheepshead Bay bring a well rounded expertise to

patient care. Our mission is to make sure that you

get the best, most personalized care in a setting where you feel comfortable and strong. We are here to support your unique needs whether you've had a sports injury, traumatic injury, surgery, pain or a function-limiting medical condition. We welcome and treat both kids and adults. 


Find out more about our therapists.

Getting You Better Fast!

Our goal is to get you better fast! We do this by making you a partner in care and utilizing the most effective treatment methods for your particular condition, often combining exercise based therapies with manual therapy and home exercises. Many of our Sheepshead Bay and Bay Ridge patients happily find their movements are restored without surgery, unnecessary medications, and fewer recurrences of injury.  

The Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen is currently utilized by

major sports teams to prevent injury and developing

conditioning programs. By evaluating your movement patterns we can determine which joints are more prone to injury and more importantly the steps needed to correct this!